Eight Locations



Along with the general and cosmetic dental care that you and your entire family require, Sampson Dental Group offers many services in an effort to make your smile as beautiful as possible.



Sampson Dental Groups has eight convenient locations serving the Greater Columbus and central Ohio communities.


Get a jump start on the information we need for your first visit. All the required forms are listed as “new patient.” We’ve also included a copy of our privacy practices for your convenience and instructions for common, at-home care for specific dental procedures.


Your Smile Means Everything to Us!

Dr. David Baddour and his team welcome you and your entire family to our dental practice in eight convenient locations in the Columbus metropolitan area. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Baddour and his office enjoy a sparkling reputation that attracts people from all over central Ohio.


That staff at Sampson Dental at the Broad St office are always very friendly and patient, especially with my two sons. They make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Julie P.

Wonderful staff!! Excellent dentist!! We have looked long and hard for a dental group that was not only good at taking care of our teeth but was also good at making us comfortable and feel like they wanted to take care of us. We absolutely love Sampson dental!

Heather M.

We love coming to Dr Baddour’s offices. The staff are great and very good with small children.

Tammy B.

This was by far the best dentist I have ever been to. They are very kind and very gentle. I am deathly afraid of the dentist and they let me take breaks when ever I needed and made me feel very at home. Already have my next appointment and next cleaning scheduled.


I feel so blessed to find a GREAT dentist! From the receptionist to the tech to the dentist it’s an amazing experience!!! My initial visit I needed some WORK! They took their time, understood my fears and calmed my nerves! I feel in good hands!!!

Nichole F.

Love this office and their staff. They are warm and inviting and provide excellent customer care. I would recommend highly.

James T.

Hands down best dental experience ever! First impressions are important and this office nailed it. The front desk receptionist was polite, patient, and friendly. The dental hygienist was friendly and personable. Most importantly, while I’m getting my teeth cleaned the dental hygienist was so thorough in her process that I appreciated her taking her time and doing it the proper way instead of rushing just to get to the next patient. I was so impressed with her knowledge she had with the questions I was asking and her eagerness to help. The dentist doc was just as impressive as his staff. He shook my hand, made eye contact, examed my teeth and was personable. I feel 100% confident with the choice I made I’m going to bring my younger children in with me because of the trust and professionalism I experienced that day at Sampson Dental!!! Thank God my search for an exceptional dental office is over!!!!!